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Beef Logic Inc.

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit investing in Americas families to strengthen our communities and ensure the positive benefits of beef for the future

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Beef Logic Inc. is a South Dakota 501(c)(3) non-profit partner of the South Dakota Beef Industry Council. The purpose of the corporation is to support research, communication, and education on the health benefits of beef and provide opportunities that inspire others to learn more about the product through a commonsense approach to education. Beef Logic Inc. works to grow and extend the beef message through partnerships and collaborations that unite like-minded partners and stakeholders to create a larger body of understanding and support for America’s Beef Farmers and Ranchers and the high-quality beef product they raise.


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Our Mission

Integrity & Education

Let’s work together to protect the integrity of the beef product and the farmers and ranchers that raise it! Join us in our mission to provide opportunities that inspire others to learn more about the benefits of beef through bigger, bolder, beef marketing and educational experiences.

Our Programs

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Watch the video below to learn how we are partnering with companies and local farmers to bring you nutrition that is backed by science.

Build Your Base

Nutrition - Training - Performance

Build Your Base is a comprehensive sports nutrition program that utilizes beef as its premier protein. It strives to prepare young athletes and their families for a successful sports season through ready-to-use materials, best-in-class sports nutrition education, and high-quality protein to support optimal performance.

We Love Our Farmers and The Beef They Produce

Generational operations are the heart and soul of our farming and ranching community. Beef Logic Inc. is proud to support America’s beef farmers and ranchers by telling their story through the development of educational outreach programs and experiences.